Henry Cavill for Dunhill London Backstage and Outtakes. Photography by Elin Hörnfeldt. [via HenryCavillOrg]

Thomas really loves his uncle Jensen [x / x]

Jensen Ackles smile 


Time zones (and probably my laziness) keep you and I from chatting as often as we should, because I think we would probably be fast friends (my status as fairly immune to the heady ways of romance aside :P)

What I do know, however, is that you’re a dear creature every time we DO cross timezones and, for now, that’ll have to do. Unless, of course, you want to come to the states and see some snow….


Oh, young one, you are one of those people that I just want to scoop up and protect… to give to the world one spoonful at a time. Becoming a grown up is such a complex thing, and to do it without steady models of the kind of person you want to be in your immediate surroundings makes it all the more difficult.

There are so many things I want you to know - that the world can be scary, but not as scary as you think…. that you’re exactly as insane as you think you are, but that it’s not a bad thing…. that taking chances is almost always worthwhile, even when they seem to end sort of badly in the short run…. that there is a world out there beyond the one you’re entrenched in right now and that, if you want it, you will be a part of it someday…. that the dictionary is full of words that define us, but that those words also divide us, and that you shouldn’t get so tied up in the prose that you forget to do the living….. that there is more time than you think, but never as much as you need…. that you have to live by your rules and nobody else’s. Clearly, I can tell you all of them, but you are the one, in the end, who has to know them, so I guess I should just go stare at Jensen for a while. :)

10$?!!? It costs like 95$ where I live… I’m gonna move to Chicago.

Is THAT how I convince you guys to move here?!??!?!

Dude, I’ve gotten a seat belt ticket in Florida before and it was $114! Luuucky!

what kid of fascist places do you people live????

i’m not anti-seatbelt.  hell, i’d be pro-seatbelt if they could invent one that didn’t try to asphixiate me because BOOBS…BUT $114?!?!?!?

Dude a) i hate replying from mobile and b) EVEN I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

Did he mistake my rage trembling for terror and decide to be nice?  Was he too distracted by my tits to write me a proper ticket?  Did he somehow NOT NOTICE i was doing 65?  What even?????

$10 ticket, no points, a friendly reminder that I have a brake light out, and a pat on the arm after he assured me he was “a nice cop”


we have a little something called integrity

So, couple of quick housekeeping moments….

1. I’m on a loaner computer until tomorrow when my Amazon order gets here.  (SAD)  I guess I’ll have to be on my company behavior tonight.

2. I got pulled over tonight…. doing 65…. in a 35…. and before you get all self-righteous, apple-jack-daniels, you should know that all I got was a $10 seat belt ticket, a friendly reminder that I have a brake light out, and a pat on the arm. #oops #boobs? #i don’t really understand what happened there #but i’m going with it.